Blackhall & Peterlee Practice

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We now have a CAMHS Mental Health Practitioner assigned at the practice.

You can choose either telephone call or face to appointment.

• mood/low mood/depression
• Reduced motivation
• Anxiety /Worry/Panic
• Stress
• Identity
• Tearfulness
• Feeling snappy/irritable
• Self-harming behaviour
• Sleep difficulties
• Eating difficulties
• Psychosis (hearing voices/visual hallucinations)
• Emotional/behavioural difficulties
• Where the child or young person has a need associated with a neurodevelopmental condition, such as autism/social communication needs or attentional difficulties such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD).

If the patient is under 5, it is most likely that the health visitor would be more appropriate, however would be happy to discuss.

Please contact the practice for further information