Blackhall & Peterlee Practice

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Zero Tolerance

NHS staff should be able to come to work without fear of violence, abuse, intimidation or harassment from patients or their relatives.

The NHS has a zero-tolerance attitude towards violence.  The doctors, nurses and staff at Blackhall and Peterlee practice have the right to do their work in an environment free from violent, threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour and everything will be done to protect that right.

At no time will violent, threatening, intimidating or abusive behaviour, including shouting and swearing, be tolerated at this practice.  If patients do not respect the rights of our staff they will be asked to leave the premises; the police may be called and we could make arrangements for you to be removed from our patient list.

Blackhall and Peterlee Practice also reserves the right to remove any patient seen to be making abusive or defamatory remarks on any social networking site (Facebook/Twitter etc).

Any posting online that can be construed as slanderous will be treated as abuse and appropriate action will be taken by the Practice.

Where patients are disruptive and display aggressive and/or intimidating behaviour and refuse to leave the premises, staff are instructed to dial 999 for Police assistance, and charges may then be brought against these individuals.